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Boulders Fire Pits
Are you someone who wants to transform their boring backyard setting into an exciting part of the house by adding a stunning centerpiece that also serves as your fire pit?
Since we are known for our expertise in sourcing natural stones, we combined the two ideas and introduced a classic trend for outdoor styling. Keeping in mind of no open burning within city limits is the rule, presenting one-of-a-kind Boulder that is harvested and modified into a fire pit that is heat-resistant and durable for years. Made from natural source boulder that is placed with lava rocks all around the flames. This innovative idea is designed with glass fiber reinforced concrete which ensures that your firepit will produce enough heat.
A beautiful centerpiece that doubles the look of your backyard, a perfect size that fits almost anywhere and is still large enough for entertaining your family and friends around it.

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Boulder FirePit  - Large Firepit Boulder Boulder FirePit

Shipping throughout California, Reno and Las Vegas Nevada and most regions of Arizona.

Price Per Each $7,000.00
Inflation Fighter Sale $6,500.00
Savings: $500.00
Boulders Fire Pits